Jobs Portal

From 1 September 2019 the LIV will be closing this jobs portal.

We are no longer taking any advertisers on this site, please instead visit our updated Legal Careers centre to find your next great employee or your next great job.

Registered locums will be sent a separate message from the LIV about moving to the updated platform to advertise their services.

Thank you for your custom and we look forward to seeing you on our new careers centre.


Become a Locum

Marketing yourself to law practices and businesses is fundamental to securing consistent locum work. Use our Locum service as your launching pad. The locum CV is designed to match a lawyer with an employer for short-term placements.

How does the match work?

  • It is based on a match of general search criteria:
    • Number of years practising
    • Areas of law experience
    • Work hours sought
    • Hourly fee
    • The location(s) of preferred work
    • Availability –nominate the dates that you are available to work
  • An employer purchases a list of locum CVs based on the above criteria that suits their needs
  • An employer can repeat searches over 30 days until an appropriate candidate is found

As a locum what do you need to do to be matched?

  • Create or edit your online locum CV by completing all the following sections:
    • Contact details
    • General search criteria
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Work experience
    • Previous locum experience
    • Referees
    • Availability
    • Visibility
  • Publish your locum CV by nominating your availability, i.e. dates that you are available to work
  • Continuously update your details and availability as you get work

Updating your details is important

If you want locum work it is crucial that you continue to update your details or employers searching for a locum will find it difficult to select you from a list of suitable candidates. If your availability is not updated then you may miss out on opportunities despite having an active account within the locum service. It is your career and your responsibility to ensure that you keep your availability and experience update to be selected as a potential candidate.

Placement will depend on experience, availability, the quality of the CV to allow yourself to be short listed and potentially contacted for an opportunity.